Small Business Services Include:

Restaurant POS (Point of sale)

Clipboard to iPad Services. No more dual & triple entry

Small Business Consulting

PC to Mac Migration

Product Purchase & Data Migration

Getting Started with Lavu

ToGoOnline is a POSLavu Authorized Distributor and Certified Lavu Specialist. POSLavu is the first and best iPad based POS (Point of Sale) for restaurants and retail.

We provide a physical site evaluation, taking the time to understand your operation, and connectivity analysis, helping us to design a stable, redundant, and PCI compliant system.

POSLavu is an affordable cloud-based service providing on-site or remote access to the management system from any Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone. Integrated credit card processing and gift card solutions make it simple for your iPad to accept credit cards and create and sell gift cards for your business.

POSLavu has been endorsed by Gordon Ramsey of Kitchen Nightmares.

From Clipboard to iPad

TGO turns the forms on a clip board into a digital form created in Filemaker Pro and accessed from a fleet of field ready iPads, or iPhones using Filemaker Go.

No more double or triple entry.  Go directly from the iPads digital form to a database accessed by the office staff on the backend using Mac, Windows, or iPad anywhere you are connected to the Internet.

Here is a list of 50 ways Filemaker and Filemaker Go are being used to make various businesses more efficient

We have expertise in configuring a fleet of iPads.  The tools we use will secure, provision,manage, locate, and update the devices remotely for easy centralized management.

TGO understands successful implementation.  Your employees are key to a successful transition.  Our training and patience are unparalleled, and the iPads ease of use makes it an enjoyable and exciting conversion.  We are focused on making the change from analog to digital a smooth one.