Networking Services Include:

Managed Networking Services

Free Network & Connectivity Assessment

Cell Boosters & Cellular Internet for those hard to reach areas

Dual Internet Connectivity, never be down!


Paying for internet speeds that you aren’t getting the most of? TGO has a solution for you!

Large home, estates, and businesses require a more complicated network then the average building or home. We create plans that place the wireless Access Points in the most optimal locations and configure the network for whole home wireless utilizing our Cloud Controller for reliable connectivity throughout the location.

Multiple structures on the estate can be connected to the main house providing Internet Services for the entire property.

Connectivity in Rural place are often limited to the types of services offered.

We can provide you different options then your normal off the shelf DSL or Cable modem. Give us a call and let us provide a custom solution for your home or estate.

ToGoOnline is a certified Ubiquiti Unifi installer. Unifi is a Enterprise level Wi-Fi system that uses a cloud controller for maximum throughput and range. Computers, Gaming centers, Cameras, AV equipment, iPads, iPhones, and Smartphones all connect to home networks and a reliable high performance network with maximum bandwidth is a must.